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Share your most precious day with all your loved ones - those with you, and those who are a little further away!

You've been dreaming about your wedding day for a long time, surrounded by your closest friends and family, but something's missing - or someone's missing. Perhaps friends or family who haven't been able to make the trip to join you on your special day?
We have the solution!
Thanks to our streaming service, all your loved ones can watch your wedding day - live - and in utmost security, wherever they are in the world.


What We Do

Let all your loved ones share in your wedding - no matter where they are!

Livestreaming your wedding allows absent family and friends to feel part of your special day - there is no need for anyone to miss out! 
The broadcast can be viewed on your own website - or we can host it for you, with a link to a dedicated page which can be password protected, if required. We also record the broadcast for you, and the video is available to view just minutes after the event!
We pride ourselves in being unobtrusive - we use remote cameras to get the best possible shots and still remain relatively invisible.


Our livestreaming and recording packages will suit almost every budget, depending on your requirements - one camera, one location, up to several cameras in different locations...



The live broadcast will be recorded and you will have a video of your wedding available online only minutes after the event! You'll be able to relive those special moments forever...

Get your loved ones involved!

Absent friends and family have the possibility to join in the celebration by making a live video call! We can incorporate video calls during the ceremony, should you so wish. Talk to our team to know more.




Here are some clips from weddings we livestreamed - whether they be traditional church weddings, to civil ceremonies in private domaines. We're able to adapt to all locations.

Some wedding clips 
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Wedding Clip
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